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TKN MesojectGun: innovative needle-free mesotherapy chosen by cosmetologists (video)

Discover the new TKN MesojectGun, the exclusive needle-free mesotherapy device. The device using electroporation energy (EPM technology) creates temporary hydrophilic channels through which the active ingredients of mesotherapy formulations penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. All of this happens locally, without pain and without invasion, which is why the TKN MesojectGun is suitable for the work of cosmetologists.

mesotherapy without needles
Mesotherapy without needles with the TKN MesojectGun
How is the TKN MesojectGun different from conventional electroporation?

The main difference is that the TKN MesojectGun uses the Pulse Booster EPM technology, which combines electroporation and the transdermal mesotherapy method with the help of a microchip.

Pulse Booster technology precisely and safely emits pulses of perfectly square waves, and their low frequency and voltage in the epidermis briefly open the microchannels through which the preparation is introduced.

Benefits of the TKN MesojectGun
  • Mesotherapy without needles -  the ideal solution for patients who avoid needles and have a low pain barrier.

  • A less invasive method than the microneedling technique - this device uses electroporation instead of microneedles, i.e. microchannels are safely and briefly opened by wave pulses.

  • Mesotherapy is more easily performed than microinjection needles – it also helps innovative design with an ergonomic, comfortable handle.

Two types of nozzles for the face, body, or scalp

  • Suitable for face, body, and hair mesotherapy. Two types of chips (tips) – MesoHair and MesoSkin are adapted for use on the skin of the face, neck, décolletage, hands, legs, and scalp.

  • Good results and the ability to create unique protocols – professionals can individually choose mesotherapy formulations and create protocols for specific cases.

  • Visible and long-lasting effects, when used with TOSKANIMED mesotherapy preparations for the face, body, and scalp as part of hair-loss treatment.

Training and opportunity to try

At the request of cosmetologists and dermatologists, we organize training individually or in small groups. Please contact your manager or via our website if you request personal demonstration and training.

How to use the TKN MesojectGun? (video)
What is the price?

If you are interested in this device, please contact us or sign up in client zone to see all the prices of our products.

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