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SMART DNA THERAPY — antioxidant therapy with ferulic acid, peptides and growth factors

Advanced, suitable all year round, and especially recommended in the summer due to its antioxidant effect, RETIX.C SMART DNA THERAPY is suitable for skin exposed to the sun and/or complement recovery period of injectable procedures. The recommended protocol is 3 procedures every 10-14 days, additionally using professional RETIX.C FERULIC TRIPLE-C facial serum at home.

Who is RETIX.C SMART DNA therapy suitable for?

This therapy will significantly improve the condition of the skin, rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, and give radiance. Helps to even out the skin colour in cases of various discolourations, spots and other signs of photoaging. RETIX.C SMART DNA therapy is perfectly tolerated even by sensitive and couperose-prone skin. Suitable for improving skin elasticity and strengthening the hydrolipidic barrier after injectable procedures, this therapy is perfectly compatible with most professional dermatological solutions.

What result can be expected?

SMART DNA therapy stimulates the regeneration of skin cells at the DNA level, thus helping to effectively neutralize the signs of photoaging:

  • The colour of the skin is unified, spots are lightened,

  • Redness is reduced (therefore suitable after aesthetic medicine procedures),

  • The hydrolipidic barrier is restored, and elasticity is improved.

The active ingredients included in the composition help to stabilize and strengthen the effect of antioxidants, so cells are protected from DNA damage, which is largely determined by UV radiation.

Active ingredients

Ferulic acid is a clinically proven active ingredient that actively helps protect the skin from free radicals. The antioxidant effect of this acid becomes even stronger when it is combined with vitamin C. During SMART DNA therapy, the skin also receives the growth factors TGF-2 and peptides, which additionally strengthen the antioxidant properties of ferulic acid. In fact, such active ingrediets have been selected and coordinated with each other for this therapy, which together provide intense antioxidative effect, which is significant in slowing down photoaging of the skin.

2-step procedure

In the SMAR DNA therapy set, the beautician will find two types of preparations for two different stages.

STAGE 1 – advanced acid peeling FERUCELL PROTECT AOX PEEL formulation (growth factor TGF-β 2%, ferulic acid 8%, citric acid 7%, lactic acid 4, 5%, malic acid 3%, phloretin 2%, retinyl palmitate 0.02%, acetyl-tetrapeptide-2). The sinergetic action of active ingredients provides the protection of cell DNA and a regenerative effect, while the strong antioxidant effect significantly slows down the aging processes of the skin.

STAGE 2 – sterile preparation for microneedle mesotherapy FERUCELL PROTECT MESO PEPTIDE COCTAIL (panthenol 5%, ferulic acid, 2 types of hyaluronic acid molecules, acetyltetrapeptide-2, acetylhexapeptide-51 amide , diaminopropionoyl tripeptide-33, oligopeptide-1). During this stage antioxidant protection at the DNA level against external factors (such as UV rays) is provided to skin cells.

Reduces DNA damage by up to 25%

Studies have shown that SMART DNA therapy has a significant effect on the protection of cells from damage. During the study*, a decrease of up to 25% of thymine dimers was observed, which means that the antioxidant effect helped to neutralize the free radicals.

*25% less thymine dimers compared to placebo; Laboratoire BIO-EC France; Study 22E5550 - Effect of product DNA protection and repair on human skin explants; ex vivo assessment.

Before and after

*Results may vary

After RETIX.C DNA, you can expect an obvious improvement in the quality of the skin, which is most visible due to the achieved integrity of the skin color and less redness.

PROTOCOL: how to perform SMART DNA therapy?

The RETIX.C SMART DNA THERAPY protocol is adapted after an individual assessment of the patient's skin condition. There are three possible levels of therapy intensity:

LEVEL 1 | After the invasive procedures, the preparation of the second stage is applied (step no. 5) to the skin and left to be completely absorbed:


LEVEL 2 | For sensitive, dry skin with bright blood vessels, the preparation of the second stage is applied (step no. 5) using the microneedle mesotherapy technique. Nano needles are used, 0.5-0.75 mm deep.


LEVEL 3 | For normal, combination and mature skin, the preparation of the second stage is applied (step no. 5) using the microneedle mesotherapy technique. A 36-needle tip is used, punctures in the forehead and eye area should be of 0.2-0.3 mm depth and in the face, neck and décolleté areas - up to 0.5 mm in depth.


In the video, the RETIX.C international training trainer demonstrates the entire process of performing SMART DNA THERAPY:

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For professional use only

Serum for use at home during therapy and/or intensive antioxidant prevention.

Want to try?

Our manager can present and demonstrate RETIX.C products personally. Contact us if you are a specialist interested in offering SMART DNA therapy to your clients.

RETIX.C is a brand of the world-renowned pharmaceutical company URGO Aesthetics.

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