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PROTOCOL: redermalisation for a tired face

Recommended quantity and frequency of procedures: 3 procedures at a frequency of once every 2 weeks.

The goal of treatment is to reduce the appearance of superficial epidermal wrinkles by boosting microcirculation, lightening the skin, and improving the tone of facial muscles.
Who would benefit from this protocol with succinic acid?
  • If the face looks refreshed upon waking, but by night the skin becomes drawn and tired looking with a “sad” appearance.

  • Dark bags under the eyes, deepening of lacrimonasal and nasolabial folds, and drooping at the corners of the mouth are visible. The complexion appears gray and dull with an uneven skin tone and areas of hyperpigmentation.

  • Facial contours appear to lose volume.

Age-related lymphatic changes, along with a decrease in circulation, low muscle tone, and skin elasticity are known causes.

Procedure 1:

Using the papular technique, inject 2 ml of HYALUAL Xela Rederm 1,1 % .

  • Goal of procedure: improve microcirculation, correct hyperpigmentation, and prevent the appearance of epidermal wrinkles.

  • Immidiate results: refreshed complexion and smoothed facial contours.

  • Postponed results: during the next month after treatment, dark circles and bags under the eyes become less visible, the complexion is restoring, and signs of fatigue and “sadness” reduce.

Procedure 2:

Using the papular technique, inject 2 ml of HYALUAL Xela Rederm 1,1 % .

  • Goal of procedure: increase turgor (elasticity), flatten the skin’s microrelief, and correct pigmentation.

  • Immidiate results: revived complexion and preservation of facial contours.

  • Rezultatai su laiku: skin elasticity increases and lacrimonasal and nasolabial furrows appear smoother.

Procedure 3:

Using a linear injection technique (cannula), inject 2 ml of HYALUAL Xela Rederm 2,2 % .

  • Goal of procedure: reduce lacrimonasal and nasolabial furrows and improve skin texture.

  • Immidiate results: reduction of lacrimonasal and nasolabial folds, along with improved contours of the middle and lower third of the face.

  • Postponed results: qualitative improvement in skin texture and color.


For tired looking faces recommended injectable products with succinic acid are:

For professional use only. To order products, please register in the CLIENT AREA.

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