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PROTOCOL (video): retinol therapy for a reborn skin effect

RETIBOOSTER therapy uses a patent-pending unique combination of 4% pure retinol and 2% TGF growth factors, which is exceptional due to its synergistic effect: TGF enhances the action of retinol while stimulating the production of lipids in the skin, allowing high concentrations of retinol to deliver noticeable results with significantly less skin irritation.

Retinol therapy aims to improve skin texture and correct signs of photoageing
  • Lack of skin firmness and tone

  • Skin discolouration of various origins

  • Visible wrinkle lines

  • Imperfections (enlarged pores, acne lesions, blackheads, uneven texture)

Retinization - skin preparation for therapy

RETIX.C retinol therapy starts at the patient's home with the RETIX.C Retimodeling serum, which habituates the skin to retinol, i.e. prepares the skin for treatments with a high retinol concentration.

This serum formula uses a liposomal form of retinol, which is highly active but less irritating to the skin. A special soothing BioCalm complex helps maintain skin comfort from the very start of retinol application.

A Professional Cosmetic Product.

How to proceed with RETIBOOSTER Retinol Therapy? (video)

The products needed for the two-step RETIBOOSTER treatment are included in a special kit and are enough for five sessions. This retinol therapy is designed to be used in the office of an cosmetologist or dermatologist.

  1. Use a degreasing agent to remove excess sebum before the treatment.

  2. Protect the most sensitive areas with cosmetic vaseline or a similar product.

  3. Apply the sterile BOOSTER Serum with a cosmetic brush on the face, neck and décolleté.

  4. This serum can be additionally infused into the skin using the microneedling technique. The video demonstrates this technique using the R.PEN by URGO Aesthetics microneedling device for mesotherapy.

  5. Apply the Retinol TGF Activator to the face, neck and décolleté with a cosmetic brush.

  6. Leave the product on the skin for 6-10 hours.

Recommendation: set a reminder and call the patient after the scheduled time to ask how s/he is feeling and remind her that it is time to rinse the products thoroughly with water and apply the Ultra Repair Moistoriser face cream (the kit contains 5 small bottles to be given to the patient immediately after the treatment).

RETIBOOSTER kit is the best selling retinol therapy

RETIBOOSTER retinol therapy is for professional use only.

Follow-up after retinol therapy

Compose a professional skin care routine for the protection from the sun and for the maintenance of the retinol therapy, to enhance its effects.

It is important to use an intensive repair cream daily during the treatment course.

A serum with ferulic acid to provide sun protection on the DNA level. Suitable for use all year round.

Daily, powerful, professional sun protection is mandatory once the treatment has started.

Profesionalios kosmetinės priemonės.

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