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New HYDRALIANE for more hydration and less plastic

100 % natural-origin ingredients and 46% reduced plastic in packaging. This was the SVR challenge for HYDRALIANE line renewal and it looks very motivating to step to another environmental level as well as it is also a very promising product to become an outstanding formula for skin hydration.

SVR Hydraliane - new

The new packaging is single-material 100% PE including CAP is also aluminium-free and recycable.


Lightweight, ultra-practical format, can be taken anywhere and, most importantly, it is the anti-waste solution, because it can be rolled up and used until the last drop!

Leading dermatological active ingredients

Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are of plant origin and from the circular economy.

For up to 24-hour hydration effect, these ingredients are combined with butter and vegetable oils (Organic Sunflower Oil + Olive Oil + Sweet Almond Butter) rich in omegas and anti-oxidants.

For the whole family

Dermatologically tested, allergen-free fragrance (IFRA50) and hypoallergenic formulas are suited for sensitive dehydrated skin of the whole family.

+72% hydration after 8 hours

HYDRALIANE CRÈME LÉGÈRE was tested with 12 volunteers using corneometry measurements. This hydrating face cream formula is targeted for combination skin, sensitive, and dehydrated skin to give the right amount of hydration for soothing and refreshing it.

Intense hydration is provided because of 3% glycerin and 0,1 % hyaluronic acid, both plant-based.

+82% hydration after 3 hours

HYDRALIANE CRÈME was tested with 11 volunteers using corneometry measurements. This formula is targeted to dry and sensitive skin that needs to be immediately and durably nourished. 1% sweet almond butter, 22 % sunflower oil, and 3% olive oil are essential for effective nourishment, and glycerin with hyaluronic acid hydrates skin.

Where to buy

HYDRALIANE line distribution will soon be started in the biggest pharmacy chains in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It is already available in our online boutique / /

What is skin dehydration?

Dehydration is a skin condition that is only temporary. All skin types (combination, oily, dry...) can be dehydrated. The skin feels tight and uncomfortable, especially after cleansing or during the day. It can be triggered by:

  • Environmental factors: cold, wind, pollution, UV...

  • Emotional factors: stress, fatigue...

  • External factors: tobacco, alcohol...

  • Hormonal changes: pregnancy, menopause...

Many dermatologists have observed an increasing number of skin sensitized by pollution, stress or misuse of cosmetic products.

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