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LIP CORRECTIONS: before and after results

Lip corrections with hyaluronic fillers can mean completely different results - they depend on the application technique and the rheology of the products chosen for injections, i.e. certain characteristics that determine whether the lips will be given only a gentle plumpness or more volume.

Choosing a hyaluronic filler

For lip corrections, it is important to choose a filler that is adapted or suitable for lip correction and take into account the desired result.

For older patients or in cases where you want a soft result that helps to restore youthful facial proportions, it is recommended to choose ART FILLER LIPS SOFT with an extremely soft consistency, which is also suitable for correction of wrinkles in the lip area:

ART FILLER LIPS is specially designed for the effect of more expressive lips:

All FILLMED hyaluronic acid products are produced in one of the 7 most modern hyaluronic production companies in the world and have CE marking that ensures quality and safety.

The preparations mentioned in this text are for professional use only.

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