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FILLMED hyaluronic fillers: what you need to know

Hyaluronic dermal fillers differ not only in price but also in quality, which significantly determines the corrective results. Moreover, for the patient, it is perhaps most important to know how long the effect of injekctions will remain visible.

What is unique about FILLMED ART FILLER hyaluronic fillers?

FILLMED, hyaluronic acid experts, applied the innovative TRI-HYAL technology for their dermal fillers, resulting in the formation of naturally flexible hyaluronic chain connections: very long chains and long chains provide features required for contouring and volume, and free hyaluronic acid allows for an even result.

FILLMED has developed a line of dermal fillers for targeted corrections, characterized by different rheology.

ART FILLER FINE LINES is intended for filling and correcting various wrinkles.

ART FILLER UNIVERSAL is a universal filler that can be applied to different types of corrections.

ART FILLER VOLUME is a hyaluronic filler designed to give targeted volume. For example, when used for the DOMINO EFFECT injection technique, this filler allows for the creation of a subcutaneous framework that can achieve the result of a facelift.

ART FLLER LIPS is intended for the correction of expressive lips.

ART FILLER LIPS SOFT is a hyaluronan filler with a soft texture, intended for a very natural corrective lip result and rejuvenation of the lip area.

Protocols with hyaluronic fillers

FILLMED has developed protocols to provide a rejuvenating corrective change. The company's aesthetic philosophy is based on highlighting the natural beauty and the so-called French Touch concept when rejuvenation with hyaluronic fillers is subtle and maintains individual features. FILLMED protocols are used in their practice by many plastic surgeons and dermatologists around the world.

For professional use only.

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