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Hyalual ELECTRI as an ideal choice for the first injectable procedure

After the first redermalization procedure with Hyalual Electri patients in the study group showed a 15-60% reduction in wrinkle depth in various skin areas, as well as increased moisture increased by 56%, which is equivalent to normal skin’s ideal moisture.

HYALUAL Electri effectiveness has been proven in a clinical trial* involving 80 patients (aged 30-45)
One redermalzication procedure with Hyalual Electri provides:
  • Natural skin moisturization

  • Visible complexion improvements

  • Normalized microcirculation

  • Structural skin improvements

  • Slowed process of skin ageing

  • Antioxidant defence in dermis cells

  • Delayed initial onset of skin aging

  • Maximum effectiveness with fast results

Redermalisation: before and after

Using a papular technique, Hyalual ELECTRI is injected into the forehead, chin and periorbital areas.

ELECTRI advantages
  • The unique formulation combining high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in a physiological concentration (0.55%) with sodium succinate ensures quick absorption.

  • The hypoallergenic formulation is highly bio-compatible. It is free of any ingredient not found in the human body.

  • The physiological concentration of hyaluronic acid (0.55%) ensures easy product administration that does not provoke stable tissue swelling (pastosity).

  • Manufactured according to international quality standard ISO. It also has the CE mark.

For professional use only. To order products, please register in the CLIENT AREA.

* Conclusion on the trial “Hyaluronic Acid-Based Injectable Implant Predermal (Electri)”. 15.01.2015. Evgeniy Eroshkin MD private cosmetology clinic

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