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AMWC 2023: FILLMED receives two top awards

This year, two FILLMED products for mesotherapy won top awards at the AMWC2023 congress in Monaco.

The unique NCTF® 135 HA formula was crowned as the best revitalizing injectable and the nearly painless NanoSoft™ needles were awarded as the best aesthetic medical device.
The NCTF formula developed more than 40 years ago, has become the golden standard for mesotherapy worldwide.

Its secret formula consists of hyaluronic acid and more than 50 active ingredients that are particularly important for skin quality and for indications such as fine lines, hydration, radiance as well as elasticity. The following areas are the most frequently injected by the papular technique:

- facial skin (including the periorbital area),

- the neck,

- décolleté and neck,

- the external palms of the hands,

- the inner part of the hands.

NanoSoft™ is approximately three times smaller than regular needles.

This improves patient comfort, reduces the risk of bruising, and simplifies the whole protocol: small papules are immediately formed, which quickly distribute the product over the dermis. These papules last for a maximum of 24 hours.

For professional use only.

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