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Innovative, advanced formulas and solutions 


Laboratoires FILLMED (France)

360° skin rejuvenation solutions 

The first laboratory of aesthetic medicine in France (formerly Laboratoires Filorga), whereNCTF®, an injectable preparation with a unique formula, was created 40 years ago, is used for mesotherapy (polyrevitalization) procedures to this day and is probably the most studied and appreciated by aesthetic medicine professionals. This manufacturer is one of the companies that conducts the most research in the field of aesthetic medicine every year,which owns one of only 7 most modern hyaluronic factories in the world.

secret fr lietuvoje

ILOODA (South Korea)

Radio frequency and laser systems

Inventor and manufacturer of professional medical equipment, world-renowned for innovation, high product quality and reliability. The company provides advanced laser systems for aesthetic medicine-dermatological, plastic surgery, and dental procedures to professionals around the world. Most famous in Lithuania for the procedure loved by world celebrities su SECRET RF Fractional Microneedle Radio Frequency System.

filorga atstovas lietuvoje.jpg

Laboratoires FILORGA (France)

Cosmetics based on aesthetic medicine

French cosmetics created on the basis of aesthetic medicine, characterized by intensive rejuvenating formulas and high-quality active ingredients.The uniqueness of this cosmetic is the NCEF complex, analogous to that used in mesotherapy. Different lines help to correct various signs of aging and provide quality daily care for mature skin. The manufacturer sets himself the goal is visible effect in 7 days.

lazartigue atstovas lietuvoje.jpeg


Vegan hair care line with botanical composition

Nameplate designed by Parisian hairstylist JF Lazartiguehair care line with botanical composition, official vegan label. Botanical active ingredients of natural origin are selected to help solve various hair care problems. The cosmetics line also includes innovative, special-purpose products, such as scalp scrub or pre-shampoo products.

Arion krutu implantai prancuzija atstovas lietuvoje.jpg

Laboratoires ARION (France)

Silicone breast implants

A company with more than 45 years of experience in the production of breast implants, which is based on the most advanced scientific achievements, applies the highest technologies and the safest materials, so the breast implants they produce are innovative, safe and reliable. Monobloc® series implants are manufactured with an extremely strong silicone elastomer shell of six protective layers, which is characterized by exceptional integrity and strength. 

institute hyalual atstovas Lietuvoje.jpg


Injection preparations with succinic acid

A manufacturer with research centers in Switzerland and Ukraine, which is unique in the world and especiallyvalued for its unique hyaluronic preparations with succinic acid and the patented redermalization protocol, which is followed by tens of thousands of specialists around the world. Scientific studies have confirmed that the composite product (hyaluronic acid+succinic acid) affects fibroblasts three times more effectively than using a monoproduct containing only hyaluronic acid.

Arthrex double Syringe sistema PRP procedūroms_edited.jpg

ARTHREX (Germany)

PRP therapy

A new item in the UAB "Medicinos strategies" range is the unique two-syringe system Arthrex ACP® Double Syringe, intended for PRP skin therapy procedures. This manufacturer is famous for solutions in the field of orthopedics, but recentlyproposed the application of the innovative PRP double syringe technology in aesthetic medicine as well.It has already started to be used in the Lithuanian market by dermatovenerologists and plastic surgeons performing aesthetic medical procedures, who combine PRP with other skin rejuvenation procedures.

cicapeel cream.png

Laboratoire SVR (France)

Dermatological cosmetics

Dermatological cosmetics that feature high concentration of active substances, which is optimally combined with high tolerance for sensitive skin.Innovative formulas created in an advanced laboratory are designed to solve various skin problems and take care of the sensitive skin of adults and children on a daily basis. SVR products are sold in major pharmacies in the country and in our e-shop

marena recovery kompresine apranga.jpg

MARENA Recovery (USA)

Compression clothing

In the worlda leading brand in the production of compression clothing– compression clothing, which is the result of even 20 years of medical and laboratory research.  All products are patented, certified and feature unique F7 technology. Complies with EU requirements for medical devices. Specialists recommend and choose as many as 76 countries around the world.


ARC Laser (Germany)


ARC is a specialized medical laser technology development and manufacturing company. The history of the family business from Nuremberg (Germany) goes back to 1978, when Gisela and Reinhardt Thyzel founded Meditec GmbH. From highly complex ophthalmic operations to the treatment of nail fungus - 35 years of experience in the field of medical lasers pays off. Thanks to its innovations, ARC Laser GmbH has become one of the strongest laser companies worldwide.

Spiral Tube

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